The 6,000 square foot laboratory contains 790 square feet of certified class 10,000 clean room space. Within the lab, samples are handled and prepared in class 100 laminar flow exhaust hoods. Ultrapure water for all preparation and analysis procedures is provided by four Aqua Solutions (TM) water purification systems.
Detection levels for a variety of high purity chemicals range from 1 ppb down to 10 ppt depending on sample preparation and analysis techniques. Verified spike-recoveries as well as traceability to NIST standards assure optimum accuracy. Also, the development of a novel Vapor Phase Decomposition (VPD) system allows the quantitation of trace contaminants on a silicon wafer surface down to 1 X E9 atoms/
Sample preparation is enhanced by the use of two CEM CleanStar(TM) Microwave Units that allow rapid evaporation (and concentration) of chemical matrices in either TeflonŽ or quartz vessels. In addition, we now have three CEM MARS(TM) Microwave Units that are used for the digestion and dissolution of solid samples.
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